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We were started by Kelsey Nelson as a way to reach a community of dancers and instructors and offer customized virtual cleaning and technique training. Kelsey has a undeniable passion for technique and sharing it with her students in a way that they will grasp and be able to apply within their training.

It always helps to have another set of eyes on your dancers and have choreography and/or technical challenges reviewed from a different view point. Refined: Passion for Technique is a way to be able to do just that.


Kelsey will create a custom training video based on your specific needs that will include both conditioning and technical progressions to help a trouble area. She will use her own dancers to break down corrections so that you and your dancers can see how to apply the technique and perform the exercises to benefit the team/studio.

Along with technical training, Kelsey has an extensive background in judging for both Studio and Dance Team competitions. She can provide quality critiques and feedback on routines for you to use prior any type of competition.

No request is too small for Kelsey and her team to take on! Reach out to us today to start creating your custom virtual training with Refined: Passion for Technique.

Custom Technique
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